It is essential that you prepare well to swim "The Rip". This body of water demands respect and you need to be ready for some unusual conditions. We suggest the following approach to get ready for your big day.

  1. Swim round 10 - 15km per week in your lead up to the swim

  2. Do approximately half of you training in the open water

  3. If swimming without a wetsuit, be ready for 16 degree water (lower end of what to expect)

  4. Practice staying next to your fellow group swimmers if in a group swim

  5. Do plenty of swimming on choppy and rough days to be ready for adverse conditions

  6. Practice navigating so you do not waste time and energy zig-zagging

  7. Consider enlisting a coach to set you a thorough program or find a regular open-water session (see the list below


Upon entering, swimmers will need to provide evidence of being able to swim 3km in under 60 minutes. This can be a recent open water result or can be verified by a coach. Failing these options, you will need to do one of our nominated qualifying swims before swimming The Rip.


There are several approaches to take as you get fit to train for "The Rip". This is just one program you could try to get a gauge of whether you are ready for the swim.

Warm up: 200m easy freestyle, concentrating on stroke length and relaxed breathing

Set 1: 10 x 100m freestyle - resting 20 seconds after each 100 (85% intensity)

Set 2: 500m continuous freestyle sighting (looking up) every 20 strokes

Set 3: 5 x 300m freestyle repeats (70%, 75%,80%,90%, recovery one)

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