2018 Rip Swim by James Lauritz and Darryl Whitaker


First crossing by Doug Mew in 1971


Geelong Advertiser Story

In 2015 we ran our inaugural swimming race across "The Rip". A story ran on the front page of the Geelong Advertiser. 250 spectators turned up to the beach at Point Lonsdale to welcome the brave swimmers in. In 2018 the race is set to return - bigger and better.


The Age Story

The Age ran a 2 page spread on the re-enactment of the first pioneering Rip swim back in 1971. This article explained how the treacherous stretch of water had captivated the imagination of the locals for years and when it was finally swum, the excitement was considerable. 

The Age also ran a father and son swim story - READ HERE