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Point Nepean to Point Lonsdale, Victoria, Australia


"The Rip" Swim

NEWS FLASH - 2018 Swim a great success!

Congratulations to the 133 swimmers who successfully crossed "The Rip" in what was the biggest crossing on record. Watch the video below.

39 took part in a race while the rest savoured the experience as part of a team. Swimmers at the back end of the swim battled a strong incoming tide and a 20-25knot South-easterly wind so they well an truly earned their Rip Swim Club status!

Our race winner in the male division was Brenton Ford (48:11) while Lisandra De Carvalho  won the female division (52:05). There were some very strong performances in clouding that of Barry Eastoe (71) who returned to swim after a 27 year gap! He was the 2nd person on record to swim "The Rip" after Doug Mew first crossed in 1971. 

The 11 teams that crossed took anywhere from 1 hour, 23 minutes up to 2 hours and 14 minutes. 

For a full list of all those that crossed, refer to our Honour Board Page.


"The Rip" is a bold & iconic bucket-list swim that lies at the entrance to Port Phillip Bay, the gateway to Melbourne. Over the years, the 3.2km stretch of water has gained a reputation as one of the most unpredictable and treacherous stretches of water anywhere in the world.  With tides that can run up to 15km/h, it is a waterway that needs to be treated with the utmost respect. Since the first swimmer, Doug Mew, crossed from Point Lonsdale to Point Nepean, the swim has become part of Australian swimming folklore. Now you can swim it safely under the guidance of our professional oreganisation.

Opportunities to cross "The Rip" are rare due to strong tidal flows, so make sure you are up to date with our news. 

Location: "The Rip" is located in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia. It is actually a triangular area of water between 3 landmarks but the swim goes from Point Nepean to Point Lonsdale


The Rip Swim 2018 by James Lauritz and Darryl Whitaker







John Fergusson – Ripper # 128, Point Lonsdale Life Saving Club member

“We have been looking at the Rip in awe for 40+ years. As a nipper on the front beach in the 1970s, we were told endless stories of its power and unpredictability. So when a group of us who were nippers together started talking about the prospect of swimming the Rip, it was with a feeling of trepidation that I agreed. The training as a group was great fun. We were out in the Lonsdale bay most days and have formed a group that continues to swim together when we are back in Lonnie. The swim was tough but we were well prepared. I must say, being out in the middle of the Heads, stopping and taking in the enormity of that body of water is something that will stay with me. The party after the swim was pretty good too!”