In 3 easy steps



“Swimming “The Rip” gives you bragging rights to a very special ‘club’.

  1. Can you swim 3km in less than 60 minutes in open water? (flat conditions, no tide)

  2. Are you experienced enough to manage choppy conditions?

  3. Sign up!


Dates for the 2019/20 Season will be announced in August


The tide changes every 6 hours. Given the narrow entrance to Port Phillip, the movement of water both in and out can be very strong. Swimming The Rip is not possible on strong tides and is also very dangerous. The water can flow up to 15km per hour. We pick tides that have the weakest predicted water flows to improve your chance of success. After escorting 369 swimmers across safely, we understand the tides well and have looked carefully at the data. As always, mother nature plays her part, but we can minimise the surprises she has for us!


If you believe you are ready to book, click the link below when bookings open in August. Remember that you will need to show evidence that you have swum the required speed or you will need to complete a nominated qualifying swim. Once you have paid your deposit, you will be required to gather your team and pay the final amount to secure your date. If you are not certain that you are a strong enough swimmer, come to one of our information sessions or assessment days. Subscribe (bottom right button) to hear about the dates of these events.


Your role as a Rip Swim captain is an important one and your chances of success will be vastly increased if you put in the right work. First of all, it is vital you choose swimmers who are a similar speed to you or who are able to swim at your pace. It may take a couple of practice swims to see if this is possible - especially in rough conditions. Consider your ability to be able to train together and make sure you stress these important factors to your potential swimmers as you go about recruiting your team.Make it known to your team that on the day you will need to stay together and that if this is not done, 1 person or possibly the whole team may be pulled from the water. If you are finding it hard to access swimmers, try our Facebook group.


If you are not ready to swim The Rip yet but are keen to work towards the great challenge, read information on our training page