COLD WATER CHALLENGE - pure exhilaration


Cold water team building challenge

Taking a plunge into cold water may seem like a crazy idea, but there are profound benefits. Why not experience them first hand in a brand new, fun, team bonding challenge at St Kilda beach this winter.

The program utilises the wonderful facilities at the South Pacific Health Club- which include a steam room!

  • Thrilling physical sensations

  • Incredible endorphin release

  • Strong sense of achievement and accomplishment

  • Opening your mind to unlimited possibilities

  • Feeling of unity with your fellow cold water participants

  • 50% increase in energy for the remainder of the day

Grant Siedle, the founder of “The Rip” swim is a swimming coach and group leader with 25 years of experience. He will guide you through this team challenge and ensure that you are safe and can maximise your cold water experience. He has not only swum “The Rip” in winter and done regular 2 hour swims in under 11 degrees celsius, but has also guided many swimmers through cold water adaption.

Better energy and connection for your team

As you plunge into the cold water alongside your team mates, several sensations will occur. Your body may start to tingle, your breathing may change and you will narrow your focus on the here and now - you won’t be thinking about anything else except the experience.

After the first few minutes, your body will start to adapt to the water and you will become more relaxed. You will then be able to enjoy the experience more fully with your team and take in your surrounds. The view around St Kilda beach and out over the horizon on Port Phillip will look as it has never looked before as you are immersed in the cool, clear water.

After you emerge from the water, you will be guided through a specific warm up process. Once again, new sensations will present and you will be encouraged to immerse yourself in the experience. When you are finally completely warm and dry, you will start to feel the full benefits of this extreme team challenge. As you move into the rest of your day, you will experience a positive shift in perspective from the experience.


Cold water team challenge details

This program can be tailored to your group. The ideal number of participants is between 6 - 12.

  • 2.5 hour program from start to finish

  • 15 minute introduction and explanation

  • 15 minute breathing and visualisation exercise to prepare

  • 20 - 30 minute cold water immersion (in stages)

  • 20 - 30 minute warm up procedure

  • 15 minute wrap up session to discuss revelations

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 1.11.14 pm.png

What to bring

  • Bathing costume or board shorts/rash vest.

  • Swimming goggles (you do not need to be able to swim as we will remain in shallow water throughout the experience).

  • Towel and warm clothes for afterwards - a beanie is a good idea.

  • We will supply a swimming cap but you are welcome to use your own or wear two if you want to keep your head a bit warmer.

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For further information call us on +61 423 118 036

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Program production and management fee: $350

Price per participant: $55

The program includes the following elements:

  1. Entry to the South Pacific Health Club (change room/ pool /hot pool and steam room are included)

  2. Grant Siedle as your guide from start to finish

  3. Certificate of achievement (Cold water level 1 - “Plunger”)

  4. Swimming Cap

  5. Coffee and pastry (during post-session discussion)

  6. Follow up notes about the cold water movement and ideas to continue your journey should you want to reap the full benefits of this journey