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Rip Swim Club

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Rip Swim Club - NEW!

If you are keen on open water swimming, and want to be part of an exciting journey then our new Rip Swim Club is the place for you. The club is the first of its kind here in Melbourne and offers you the chance to get the most out of your open-water experience. Some of the benefits include:

  • early access to registration - get in on The Rip Swim and other events before the general public

  • training sessions - expert advice, race practice, timed courses, handicap events

  • exciting ‘mystery swims’ and longer swims with your own private safety entourage

  • unique merchandise - quality gear available only to members

  • Options for personalised programming - advice and programming to achieve your goals

  • Member-only functions - connecting with other swimmers and broadening your sporting/social circles


The Rip Swim Club will give you a sense of belonging as a swimmer. Our training base is located at the famous St Kilda beach, where sessions will run every Saturday morning from 7.45am - 9.15am (October - April) 4 - 6 week blocks of training will also happen throughout the winter (and a steam room can warm you up afterwards!). St Kilda will also be a great location to meet swimmers to recruit for your Rip Swim. Club membership includes 2 free training sessions at St Kilda and the other sessions will be offered at the club-member rate.


The Rip Swim organisation has a proud history of exciting, original and safe events. The company delivers events that stand out and gives swimmers unforgettable experiences. If you decide to become part of this exciting new club, you will always be the first to hear about these unique adventures.

The list of previous and up and coming events includes:

  • Winter Solstice Swim - Australia’s first night time swim! (this will return in June 2020 in spectacular fashion)

  • Giants of the Bay - Australia’s longest swim (42km relay over 2 days and then 25km solo event in the 2nd year)

  • Walk the Plank - a niche event that saw swimmers take the Searoad ferry to Portsea, jump off and swim back to Sorrento!

  • The Rip Swim - Australia’s most exciting and extreme swim - a real Bucket List item for all adventure enthusiasts

  • Mystery Swim - a fun, niche half day experience where you are picked up by bus, taken to a secret location, escorted on a swim and then wined and dined!

  • Private swims in untraversed locations - we have some great surprises in store!

  • Your own destination - As a member, you will have the option to suggest a location for us to take you to and organise a swim for you


Everyone needs a good coach, whether it is for training, technique or additional motivation and support.

Grant Siedle, the Rip Swim founder has a broad range of skills to help any swimmer. Having coached swimmers in the pool and open water for over 25 years, he has an intuitive and friendly approach that can assist anyone reach their goals. Whether it is programming, technical work, goal-setting, event selection, cold-water-adaption or just pure motivation, Grant can take you on a remarkable journey. In 2013, Grant coached Don Riddington across the English Channel to become the oldest Australian at the time ever to swim this incredible stretch of water. Read more about his here.

MEMBERSHIP - Only $150 and no joining fee

Our club is offered to you at a very low cost. We are keen to build this open water swimming community base at St Kilda and we want you to be part of it! As an added incentive, the first 20 members will be given a month of free programming and listed as the foundation members of our club.